Enable SmartPhone for Table and Food reservation

What Makes My Restaurant the Ultimate Choice for My Guests?

It concerns the level of quality that they expect for the amount they spend. It's not just about the taste of the food; quality encompasses every aspect from the moment they engage with that.

DineHutZ ensure that guests have an enjoyable and positive experience throughout their entire visit to the restaurant. This system enables to increase sales and revenue while effectively managing internal operations.

When customers make an online reservation, they experience the assurance that the restaurant has set aside a dedicated space for their enjoyment.

Demo Videos

We've prepared a series of videos to showcase and demonstrate the Restaurant Reservation System for your convenience.


Admin Area


You can follow following steps for the integrations

  • Login to Admin Panel
  • Copy Inegration Script
  • Put it in your head tag of the HTML

Calendar View

Online Food order



At DineHutz, You will have a complete booking system including extra features.

Guest Feratures

Online Table Reservation

DineHutZ booking engine is visible on your website, allowing your guests to effortlessly make reservations online.

Email Notificaton

DineHutz ensures they stay informed at every stage of the booking process with email notifications.

Online Food Menu

Guests can conveniently place their food orders using their smartphones and even invite others to place their own individual orders.

Digital Bill

System generates the automated bill using the order informations. You just have to click the button and your guest will get a PDF of a bill instantly

QR Code

Experience the ease of our QR-enabled reservation feature for walk-in guests. Upon reaching the restaurant, a quick scan of the QR code is all it takes to automate your reservation effortlessly.

Restaurant Features

Booking Calendar

All your bookings are showing on this calendar, You can see the arrived and not arrived guest bookings for the day.

Booking Notification

DineHutz ensures you stay informed at every stage of the booking process with email notifications.

Food Order View

When a customer places an online food order, you have the ability to thoroughly review all the details and take any necessary actions.

View Future Bookings

You are able to see all your future bookings also, You just have to check the date from the calendar.

Manage walk-in guest

All of your walk-in guest also can process thru this system. Walk-in user also will have all the features.

Digital Invoice

You can generate the automated digital invoice. All you have to click a button.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is designed with specific assumptions. If you are a small or mid-level restaurant with an existing website, we recommend the basic package for a perfect fit.

The Hybrid option caters primarily to smaller or mid-level restaurants without an existing website.


For Small & Medium size Restaurant who has own website already

  • 150 Bookings per month for Each Branch . (Extra 25 Bookings is just 1$)
  • Single Branch
    (Extra Branch is just $8)
  • Free Setup
  • SmartPhone Food Menu
  • Guest Digital Bill
  • Booking Display Calendar
  • View Upcoming bookings
  • 90 Days Free Trial (Start with no credit card)

Take this advantage of all the features during this trial for free. Make the most of this exceptional opportunity. Terms and conditions may apply

Start for Free


  • + All Basic and Hybrid Features
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Unlimited Branches
  • 24/7 support
  • Free (30 min) technical session (1 per month)

Frequently Asked Questions

DineHutZ offers a user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy to understand and use. Despite its simplicity, we provide additional documentation and videos to further assist our users.

Yes. Enable your visitors to book tables online for specific dates effortlessly. Our platform offers convenient table access through simple search functionality.

DineHutZ streamlines restaurant operations for effortless management. Receive instant email and web app notifications whenever a new booking is placed. Stay updated even while using the application with real-time notifications.

Yes, Access the calendar view to see all bookings for the selected date. Each booking comes with corresponding action buttons, providing convenient control options.

Within DineHutZ admin panel, you'll discover a plethora of services, including the ability to create your food menu online.

Embrace a 100% online food ordering system with DineHutZ. Each team member can conveniently use their personal smartphone to place orders, mentioning their names for easy access to individual preferences.

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